I started leather work in 2014, creating Anachronist Leatherworks. I had the goal of creating high quality ren faire garb pieces with a rustic aesthetic, something I wasn't really finding at ren faires. But it was also a way to feed my love of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I have loved the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since the day I first stepped foot inside that village. It was pouring down rain, but that only helped to take me back in time. It only added to the romance of it all. The smell of the turkey legs cooking, the blacksmith heating metal, the glass blowers flame steaming the rain away, the look of the buildings and garb, all of it pulled me in. I created Anachronist Leatherworks as a way to eventually be a part of that village, to make my own leather garb.

That start is where Minneapolis Leather Co. comes in. As I got Anachronist Leatherworks out there, I realized that not many people were familiar with anachronisms, so the name was often misread as Anarchist. Plus, I was starting to make more than just ren fair garb. The name didn't fit anymore. I needed something that was simple and recognizable. So I changed the business name to Minneapolis Leather Co. 

It's still the same business. We still hand make high quality leather goods of all sorts.