New Name, Same Product: Anachronist Leatherworks is now MPLS Leather

Anachronist Leatherworks is now MPLS Leather

When I first started Anachronist Leatherworks, it was with the dream of making ren faire garb of my own in my own style, with a rustic aesthetic and simple designs. I did that and more.

As I got into leather work, I found myself making much more than what I set out to do. I ventured more and more into modern goods. As I stepped out of the renaissance festivals to sell my stuff at art and craft fairs, I realized the business name no longer fit my work. 

But there was also another issue with the name. I found that people were reading the name wrong. Not their fault. Anachronist Leatherworks is a long name with a not so common word. People would take a quick look and see the word they knew most: Anarchist. That was not the vibe I was going for.

It was with a long deliberation that I chose MPLS Leather. I wanted a name that was easy to read and meant something to me. I was born in and currently reside in Minneapolis. MPLS just fit me and my work. 

So things may be a bit wonky as we get things changed around and setup. Just know that even though the name has changed, the product is the same. We will still make ren faire garb pieces right along side our modern goods. We make what we want to make. It makes us happy. And that should always be our goal.


Brent Larsen

MPLS Leather (Anachronist Leatherworks)